Friday, September 25, 2009

High Efficiency Energy Saving Lamp

• High energy saving • Protection of eyes • Very quick installation
• Extended life span of 15000 hrs •
High lighting quality • Improved power factor

Saving Comparison Table

* Depending on the fitting, deviation are possible


Consider the case of a office in the building with a total of 1000 luminaries using existing lighting of 36W T8 fluorescent lamps and standard electromagnetic ballast. With the T5 Fixture, we can convert the existing system to energy efficient system and calculate the electricity costs saved by the T5 tube.

Many enterprises are aware that their electricity bill is a large portion of their total operating cost, the application of T5 Fixture is simple. The saving rates guaranteed, thus adding to your bottom line profits.

The calculation is based on 24 operation hours per day and 365 days per years for 1000pcs of fluorescent lamp.
Electricity cost per unit (kWh) is $0.3045

Energy Saving Per Fitting = 48W – 28W = 20W

Energy Saving Per day = 20W x 24 hrs x 1000pcs = 480 kWh

Energy Saving Annually = 480 kWh x 365 days = 175,200 kWh

Amount Saved Per Year = 175,200 kWh x $0.3045 = $53,348.40

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